AstraZeneca LP

US Corporate Headquarters
1800 Concord Pike P.O. Box 15437
Wilmington, DE 19850
Contact Phone Number: 
302-886-3000 / 800-456-3669

We are a global, science-led, patient-focused pharmaceutical company. We are dedicated to transforming the future of healthcare by unlocking the power of what science can do for people, society and the planet.

Our strategy

We are focused on creating genuinely innovative medicines and improving access to them. In this way, we deliver the greatest benefit to patients, healthcare systems and societies globally.

We have three priorities designed to deliver our growth through innovation strategy.

  1. Science and Innovation
    • Creating the next generation of therapeutics using an array of drug modalities, for example, advanced biologics, nucleotide-based and cell therapies. 
    • Leading in convergence of science, data and technology. 
    • Advancing our pipeline.
  2. Growth and Therapy
    • Area Leadership
    • Leveraging our innovative science to create a more personalised, precise and accessible healthcare experience.
    • Engaging with the entire healthcare ecosystem and unlocking visionary partnerships that drive positive change and outcomes.
    • Creating industry-leading growth across our therapy areas and regions.
    • Continuing to implement our Operations 2025 programme.
  3. People and Sustainability
    • Continuing to make AstraZeneca a great place to work.
    • Making it easier to work across our Group to deliver sustainable growth.
    • Ensuring we operate in the smartest way, increasing the speed of delivery of medicines to patients through our Future of Work initiative.
    • Harnessing the power of Science and Innovation in ways that positively impact patients, healthcare systems, and the environment.
    • Progressing our Sustainability strategy across three integrated priority pillars: access to healthcare, environmental protection, and ethics and transparency.


Our organisation and main disease areas

Our business is organised to deliver our growth through innovation strategy and achieve our purpose of pushing the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.

Our R&D and Commercial functions promote accelerated decision making and the launches of new medicines across our therapy areas.


Our Purpose and Values

Inspired by our Values and what science can do, we are focused on accelerating the delivery of life-changing medicines that create enduring value for patients, society and our shareholders.

We are committed to operating sustainably, in a way that recognises the interconnection between business growth, the needs of society and the limitations of our planet.

Business Type: 
International Commerce