McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP (MDM&C)

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McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter (MDM&C) is a combination of McElroy, Deutsch & Mulvaney, one of New Jersey’s fastest-growing law firms, with Carpenter, Bennett & Morrissey, one of New Jersey’s oldest and most respected law firms.

MDM&C takes advantage of the talents and strengths of both firms to produce a unique legal and business synergy – a mutually advantageous combination of distinct organizations that produces a result greater than the sum of their individual strengths and capabilities. Together they form a legal powerhouse – the third largest law firm in New Jersey. With over 200 lawyers in six offices in four states, the firm offers a full range of legal services including:

Today, McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter is a diverse, full-service law practice with lawyers who place the client first, who are thoroughly professional, and who think strategically. MDM&C’s philosophy in practicing law provides clients with the critical edge they need to achieve their legal and business objectives. Clients who seek the assistance of MDM&C will discover a law firm with spirit and dynamism, with lawyers dedicated to providing superior service and personal attention to clients’ special needs and interests.

Partners and counsel for MDM&C include a former justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey and a former Dean of Seton Hall School of Law. Two of the firm’s partners previously served with distinction in the Office of the United States Attorney, and others have served in the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General or as Assistant Prosecutors in the Offices of County Prosecutors.

Eleven of our lawyers are Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers. (Fellowship in the College is considered the ultimate recognition of a trial attorney’s skills, ethics, and contribution to the profession.) Many attorneys in the firm have also been recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Certified Trial Attorneys, based on the number of cases tried, the result of a demanding examination, and other qualifications. Another lawyer is a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Beyond their professional accomplishments, our firm’s attorneys are respected leaders in national, state, and local bar associations, ethics committees, and other professional organizations. One of MDM&C's partners is a former President of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and five partners are past and present presidents of county bar associations. Other lawyers at our firm have been appointed to the Supreme Court of New Jersey’s Committees on District Ethics, Judicial Conduct, and Professional Responsibility Rules. Our lawyers also serve on the boards of local businesses, financial institutions, and educational and charitable organizations.

The attorneys in our firm have been recognized for their integrity and dedication to the highest level of professionalism. While we are proud of their personal achievements and professional contributions, our collective focus is always on providing legal services of superior quality and exceptional value in a manner that places the client first.

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