A Prospectus for Investment in the World Heritage City Project

Delivering on the Promise of Philadelphia’s World Heritage City Status Through a New Mission-Oriented Approach

The World Heritage City Project is a unique public‐private enterprise founded in 2012 by the Global Philadelphia Association in partnership with the City of Philadelphia. It has powerful missions, high cultural and economic importance, a strong commitment to diversity, and compelling timeliness.
The Project looks beyond our borders toward a more global future for the City of Philadelphia and, at the same time, looks within those borders toward our rich diversity as Philadelphians. World Heritage is both an engine of outreach beyond our city and an energizer of our connections here at home. This duality is summarized in a driving principle of the Project, that “our World Heritage City is a city of the world’s heritages."
This Prospectus (second edition, May 2018) has been prepared to introduce you to the opportunities you have to invest in the World Heritage City Project. Through this ambitious initiative, Philadelphia is once again asserting itself on the international stage. As an investor, you, too, will have the opportunity to realize the benefits that are inherent in Philadelphia’s important new status as the first World Heritage City in the United States of America.
With support from scores of generous individuals and in partnership with the many organizations that are helping with the Project’s work, we have made a start on each of the four missions: 

We invite you to take the next step.

You can support this important work by investing in the Project as a whole, by associating with one of its missions, or by funding one of the many individual projects listed in the Prospectus. Your investment will be amply repaid in the form of the benefits that it will create, the enhanced global stature that it will promote, and the recognition that it will engender from a grateful community.

Click the image (right) to download the prospectus to learn more about each mission and to review the project opportunities available.

Watch the video below to hear from Ali Velshi, MSNBC Anchor, Business Correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC, and Member, Mayor's Advisory Council on World Heritage, on his global and personal perspective about investing in this Project:


If you're interested in interested in learning more about the World Heritage City Project and how to contribute, please contact Zabeth Teelucksingh, Executive Director, Global Philadelphia Association, directly at 215-563-2482 or via email at Zabeth.Teelucksingh@globalphiladelphia.org.