Prophets of Hope: The Art Tour

Sunday, June 25, 2023 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Interfaith Philadelphia 100 W. Oxford Street, Suite E-1300
Philadelphia, PA 19122
United States

The inevitable challenges of living and the unrelenting conflict and suffering in our world can lead to despair. Viewing and discussing works of art at the PMA, we will strive to discover resources for hope.

We will see prophetic art that calls us to fight for change, with anger or outrage fueling our hope. We will see portraits of historical figures who channeled hope into accomplishment, inspiring us to do the same. We will see artists’ visions of a better future that express the content of the hope we harbor in our hearts and minds. As members of the group respond to the art we see together, the shape of hope in our own hearts and minds will be revealed.  

For Discussion: Sr. Juana has been called the “first feminist in the Americas.” Her life and legacy give hope to all who must overcome obstacles to live meaningful and impactful lives.  


Arts and Culture
History and Preservation