EIJP - Emerging International Journalists Program

Building on our original content expertise, we began our Emerging International Journalists Program for undergraduate & graduate students from local and recent graduates from local universities to tell the stories of the global work done by our Members, have meaningful conversations with regional leaders, and write their unique perspective about trips to world heritage sites across the world made possible through our OWHC connections. 
The program acts as a dynamic training ground and platform for new voices on international topics connected to the Philadelphia region.
If you are interested in becoming a contributor with the Emerging International Journalists Program, email info@globalphiladelphia.org

Recent News

By Lauren Hertzler - Staff Writer- Philadelphia Business Journal
Citizen's Diplomacy International (1515 Arch St.) acts as the portal for visitors to Philadelphia, ensuring they get an accurate and personal perspective during their stay.
The Monell Chemical Senses Center (3500 Market Street) has been a keystone of Philadelphia's world-renowned medical community for over 45 years. In October, Robert Margolskee took over as the center's president and director.
GPA was the recent subject of a Villanova University MPA class, which used the organization as a sample for studying the challenges and solutions faced by nonprofits looking to have an impact.
With the help of a grassroots campaign conducted by Women's Campaign International (3701 Chestnut St.), West African women are empowered to combat the ongoing Ebola crisis that has ravaged the region.
On August 15, the Library Company of Philadelphia (1314 Locust St.) played host to a delegation of visitors from Iraq through the Department of State's American Corners Project.
Lindi Von Mutius is the Executive Director of Philadelphia’s German American Chamber of Commerce. Her years of practicing law as an attorney in New Jersey come in handy as she helps German companies navigate legal issues when bringing business to Philadelphia. She sat down with EIJP’s Sharnita Midgett to talk about her work, unique heritage and an unlikely awakening that got her to where she is today.
The Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies in Malvern recently celebrated six successful years of its full time Master’s program that targets international students.
A remarkable thing is occurring in our region: Philadelphia is on the verge of rejoining the front rank of the world’s greatest cities.
Last week, the Global Philadelphia Association had the pleasure of participating in the unveiling of World Heritage Way, a specially designated section of Walnut Street marking Philadelphia's relationship with the Organization of World Heritage Cities and its continued efforts to become the country's first World Heritage City.
The Wistar Institute’s new seven-story research building carries the names of two of its staunchest and most generous supporters: Robert and Penny Fox.
Last month, the Penn Museum (3260 South St.) and the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania invited area neighbors to partake in the signing of a Treaty of Renewed Friendship. EIJP's Bianca Robinson attended to endorse the treaty on behalf of GPA.
The World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia (1500 JFK Blvd.) will be doing what it does best next week, as it brings 17 trade representatives from all over the world to area businesses during Philadelphia International Week with help from World Trade PA.
Ed Satell is a successful businessman who never lost his conscious. As the founder and CEO of Malvern's Progressive Business Publications, he has become the go to source for newsletter information in an array of industries. As a philanthropist, he also funds STEM programs for underserved students and is a champion of corporate social responsibility. EIJP's Kate Tocci spoke with him about the cross section of business and the greater good where he resides.
William Fedullo is a counsel to Rosen, Schafer & DiMeo LLP, the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association and a member of the Global Philadelphia Association's Board of Directors. He took the time to sit down with EIJP’s Peak Johnson to talk about his inspirations, Chancellorship and the Bar Association’s plans to host international representatives during next week’s World Leaders Conference.
Philadelphia has always been home to a collection of world leaders and innovators in a variety of industries. Nobody knows that better than President and CEO of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau (1700 Market St.) Jack Ferguson. Through his work, Ferguson has seen firsthand the things that make the city so appealing to go-getters in every field worldwide.
Dhairya Pujara is a native of India, who came to Philadelphia to seek a career in healthcare. He ended up founding the Ycenter, a startup with the mission of inspiring change and development in communities across the world. EIJP’s Gabrielle Lantieri sat down with him for a Global Conversation about his journey, the Ycenter and its mission to empower the world.
West Chester's Envera (220 Garfield Ave.), a biotechnology company, is increasing the region’s reputation for sustainability in its work with waste consuming bacteria cultures. It also serves as an example of Greater Philadelphia's global business presence.
At Drexel University's Nanomaterial Institute (3141 Chestnut St.) researchers are at the forefront of "fabric batteries," an innovation that will make our clothes smarter and could put Philadelphia at the forefront of wearable tech.