Community College of Philadelphia Names New President

Tyler Sprague, for GPA -- The Community College of Philadelphia (1700 Spring Garden St.) has named Dr. Donald Guy Generals as its sixth president. Dr. Generals is an expert on the progressive education movement in the United States and believes strongly that schools are decisively important institutions with regards to the functioning of a democratic political system. As a member of the Global Philadelphia Association, The Community College of Philadelphia is exemplary of the Philadelphia region as an international hub of culture, business and education.

As a public institution of higher education, The Community College of Philadelphia welcomes all people who wish to follow their intellectual curiosities. The student body is comprised of students from Philadelphia to the Philippines and over 65 nations in between. It has proven itself to be an institution which opens its doors to people from all over the globe. This accessibility not only makes it exemplary of Philadelphia itself, but creates a rich milieu wherein students benefit from diversity and intercultural exchange. Under the leadership of Donald Guy Generals, the Community College of Philadelphia stands to make even greater contributions to Philadelphia’s international status as a hub of academic opportunity.

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