Smart City, Smart Choice: Philadelphia's Business Attraction Program


Philadelphia, August 30, 2011 -- Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced a series of citywide economic development events throughout Philadelphia in order to demonstrate the City’s commitment to job creation, business retention and expansion, and new innovations for the public sector to connect with businesses in the 21st century.

During the month of September, multiple economic development events will be held, focusing on the City’s sustained investment in Philadelphia’s businesses. During the first week, these events will include: the progress of Philly Live!, an entertainment, retail and dining development under construction on the former site of the Spectrum; the groundbreaking for a corporate headquarters; and the development of a significant new healthcare facility.

“Although we continue to face uncertain economic times, Philadelphia is attracting new companies, retaining our valued private sector partners and making it easier to do business in our city,” said Mayor Nutter. “Philadelphia is a smart city and a smart choice for jobs because we have the advantages of a centralized transportation system, a well-educated and skilled workforce, and a dynamic downtown, which ensures our city will continue to grow and thrive.”

Read more about this new intitative here, on the City of Philadelphia blog.

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