"Residents, Know Your History," Pagon Writes

On Friday September 30, the Philadelphia Business Journal published the second in a year-long series inquiring into how business, community, and cultural leaders can reassert Philadelphia's position as a thriving, global city. This month's article was written by Global Philadelphia member, Nicholas Pagon.

In this piece, Mr. Pagon provides overview of the truly international stature of colonial Philadelphia under the leadership of William Penn. Mr. Pagon uses this history to demonstrate that "Philadelphians who, like the members of the Global Philadelphia Association, want to see their city thrive once again as a global actor in the 21st century, do not need to go far afield for inspiration. They have only to look at their own history, and to apply to today’s new and challenging conditions the same openness to change and industriousness that characterized the city’s beginning.

Download the full article below, and join the conversation at Global Philadelphia!

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