Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania


228 Fisher-Bennett Hall
3340 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6273
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(215) 898-6335
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The Middle East Center recognizes their privileged position as a meeting point of different disciplines, departments, and constituents, which allows them to facilitate learning and research opportunities. On the one hand, the organization offers faculty and students fellowships and grants, such as Foreign Language and Area Studies (Title VI) fellowships. The Middle East Center also organizes activities for faculty and students in the form of hands-on experiences such as field trips (locally and overseas). The organization also offers affiliated visiting scholars the chance to use the University's libraries, with over 50,000 holdings on the Middle East, and its museum, which holds the largest collection on a campus in the US.
In addition, the Middle East Center offers resources for public and private school teachers to help increase knowledge and understanding of the Middle East in the classroom. The organization provides speakers, films, and on-line and print materials for classrooms, individuals, organizations, and community-based groups interested in learning about the Middle East.
In light of the rapidly changing events in the Middle East, the organization's faculty and staff have been active in briefing the media and American public on Middle East affairs. These efforts have included radio, television, and print interviews, in which they share their expertise on Islam, the region's history, economies, and politics.