The Women's Coalition for Empowerment Inc.

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The Women’s Coalition for Empowerment, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, uniting and empowering women through the use of initiatives that promote self-sufficiency, multiculturalism, self-esteem, individual and collective growth. We provide our members with a social networking platform to meet, interact, learn and engage. “We will use our voices to change the world!”

We will create a universal sisterhood of empowered women from all cultures to take control over their lives, become successful, and improve the world. We intend to raise the consciousness of women everywhere by implementing our mission to overcome any form of oppression.

Strategize and support
Help to our staff, volunteers, and members
Empower, engage, and educate participants
Kindness to those in need
Integrity in our intentions
Network to interact and cultivate partnerships
Aspirations for greatness
Honesty and transparency


Share/Talk Program
Holistic Health Program
411 Resource Information Program
Motivational Speaking Service
Financial Management Program
Share/Talk – offers opportunities for participants to have an informal comfortable platform to share their own experiences and struggles in a nonjudgmental environment. Participants receive input and encouragement to learn and improve both individually and collectively.

Arts/Culture – offers exposure to music by way of the WCE Art Project. Enhancing limited info, exposure, and education on jazz performance and jazz history. Growing a sisterhood of vocalists striving toward individual and collective musical growth. Increasing opportunities for art employment and merging the gap between art and commerce. The goal is to increase the economic empowerment of women using the arts.

Networking – the organization obtains a space where participants, supporters, and prospects meet together in a social environment to build/form relationships with attendees to develop and enhance personal and professional connections.

Holistic Health – the organization offer workshops to encourage participants to develop and maintain healthier nutritional trends to improve their overall holistic health. Further, the organization will aid in the promotion of innovative healthy habits to increase physical activity and promoting a healthier lifestyle to ultimately increasing a positive self-image and self-esteem.

411 Resources – the organization offers varying social networking sites, listservs, and The WCE website to share updates and informative resources in the following areas: Education, Employment, Emergency Services, Housing, Public Assistance, Drug Rehabilitation, Counseling Services, Financial Assistance, Entrepreneurship, Domestic Violence, Legal Aid Services, Medical Assistance, Women Owned Business, Events and Activities within the organization, etc. This information is intended to enhance participants awareness to become more sustainable and eventually self-sufficient.

Motivational Speaking – the organization offers speakers for a variety of audiences and for a wide range of topics with the purpose of empowering, educating and informing prospective listeners.

Financial Management – the organization offers workshops in the following areas: Budgeting, Financial Management, Credit Establishment, Credit Counseling/Improvement. These workshops are intended to empower women by educating them on their ability and accessibility to become both financially aware and financially independent.