The Philadelphia region is home to hundreds of non-profit organizations, civic and professional associations, and public agencies dedicated to connecting the region to the rest of the world and enhancing its international reputation.  

Whether it's an international development agency working on behalf of women's rights in Afghanistan or teaching sustainable agricultural techniques in Africa, an association of citizens organized in support of the goals of the United Nations, a chapter of the International Visitors Council dedicated to citizen diplomacy, or a chamber of commerce focused on promoting business ties with South America, you can find it here.  


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“Widely regarded as North America's masters of music for Renaissance wind band” (St Paul Pioneer Press), Piffaro has delighted audiences throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and South America since its founding in 1980. Under the direction of Joan Kimball and Robert Wiemken, Piffaro recreates the rustic music of the peasantry and the elegant sounds of the official wind bands of the late Medieval and Renaissance periods. Its ever-expanding instrumentarium includes over 40 shawms, dulcians, sackbuts, recorders, krumhorns, bagpipes, lutes, guitars, harps, and a variety of percussion — all careful reconstructions of instruments from the period.
Power Up Gambia's mission is to provide reliable electricity and water to healthcare facilities in The Gambia, West Africa through solar energy. Imagine a hospital without electricity, nurses having to tend to patients, deliver babies and set IV lines by candlelight. No refrigeration for blood banks. Emergency surgeries would be impossible. Children in respiratory distress would have no supplemental oxygen from oxygen concentrators. Drugs and vaccines dependent on refrigeration would be ruined. But solar power can change this. Power Up Gambia, with its mission to provide reliable, responsible electricity and water to health facilities in western Gambia serves to both increase access to health care for poor people and to reduce the toll of "modernization" on our planet. This work succeeds in uniting the two great struggles of our time: the struggle for social justice and that for ecological justice.
The mission of the Preservation Alliance is to actively promote the appreciation, protection, and appropriate use and development of the Philadelphia region’s historic buildings, communities and landscapes.
Profugo is a grassroots non-profit organization involved in International Development. Our mission is to provide communities with access to tools and resources that enable them to build a better quality of life. Our vision is creating a world where brighter futures are possible because all communities have equal access to a better quality of life.
The Project for Nuclear Awareness (PNA) seeks to end the global threat of nuclear weapons by educating the public and lawmakers about the dangers of nuclear weapons, the need for nuclear disarmament, and the urgent necessity of nuclear non-proliferation.
Young people are tomorrow's global leaders. Our goal is to forge partnerships with the nonprofit organizations that support and prepare youth for success by offering our project management expertise, resources, and volunteers to aid them in their missions.
Today’s marketers increasingly depend on technology for success. Raab Associates provides consulting to help select the right tools and deploy them effectively. Since 1987, we have been respected for our objectivity, thoroughness and dedication to our clients. Whether your challenge is defining business requirements, choosing software or service providers, or measuring marketing results, Raab Associates will combine in-depth analysis of your situation with our unparalleled industry expertise to ensure you find the best solutions available.
Research and Integrated Community Development Center (RICDC) is a registered, tax exempt (501.c.3) not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to prevent HIV/AIDS to live a healthy and independent life.
For 160 years, Saint Joseph’s University has advanced the professional and personal ambitions of men and women by providing a rigorous Jesuit education – one that demands high achievement, expands knowledge, deepens understanding, stresses effective reasoning and communication, develops moral and spiritual character, and imparts enduring pride.
Save our sites will advocate for the preservation of sites and structures within the City of Philadelphia deemed valuable. These sites include historic ones, though they may not always be certified or in historic districts.
The Schoerke Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports Heritage Academy, a progressive Ghanaian school that believes that every child, irrespective of where they live, deserves an education that prepares them to make positive contributions to their communities. 
The Senegalese Association of Philadelphia is a non-profit promoting the socio-cultural, economic and health fulfillment of the Senegalese community of greater Philadelphia.
The Society of Ibero Latin American Medical Professionals (SILAMP), was founded in Philadelphia in 1991. SILAMP is an association of Latino medical professionals and health providers in the Delaware Valley who are interested in sharing their ideas, resources and successes with those around their communities. The members of SILAMP are dedicated to making a positive impact on our Hispanic neighbors. It is in fact our common Hispanic heritage that binds us together and also gives us the purpose to help those less fortunate, who like us share the Hispanic heritage and heart.
Soroptimist is a global volunteer organization that improves the lives of women and girls. Soroptimist envisions a world where women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential.
The South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA) was founded in 2008 in order to document and provide access to the diverse and relatively unknown stories of South Asian Americans. Our collection reflects the vast range of experiences of the South Asian diaspora in the United States, including those who trace their heritage to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the many South Asian diaspora communities across the globe.
SEARAC is a national organization that advances the interests of Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese Americans by empowering communities through advocacy, leadership development, and capacity building to create a socially just and equitable society. We envision a socially, politically and economically just society for all communities to enjoy for all generations.
Founded in 1984, the Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations Coalition, Inc. (SEAMAAC) has over 2 decades of experience serving and advocating for refugees, immigrants, and asylees in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mission is to support immigrants, refugees, and their families as they seek access to opportunities, which would advance the condition of their lives in the United States. 
SACC-Philadelphia was founded in 1999 as a non-profit member organization serving the Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware region. Our mission is to encourage and promote an exchange of technology, trade and culture between Scandinavia and the Greater Philadelphia regions, while providing members with a spectrum of services and social events.
TAFSUS is a non-profit organization established in 1966 to promote better understanding and friendship between the Turkish and the American communities through educational, cultural and social activities. TAFSUS is an association, which serves the Turkish, the Turkish-American and the American communities in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and South New Jersey.
Team Pennsylvania Foundation is a non-partisan charitable non-profit created in 1997 to bridge the gap between government and the private sector and allow both sides to partner for the betterment of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.