Doug Herman

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Founder and Adviser

Founder of Rough Cut Media

DOUGLAS HERMAN teaches Video Production and History at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA. He is the founding and current faculty advisor for SLA’s Rough Cut Productions, a collaborative media production team to handle all aspects of media creation with an explicit focus upon video production. This program, the model for our Rough Cut Partner Schools, has been hired to produce live streaming and recorded video for events and organizations such as TEDxNYED, TEDxPhilly, EduCon, and The China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia. Doug is also working on a documentary project titled The Dark Side of the Ball, focusing on the growing inequity gap in South Africa during and after the 2010 World Cup.

Doug’s main areas of expertise include public schools, charter schools, program and curriculum development, video production, photography, film and media analysis, media literacy integration, equipment and technology, and fundraising.