Jeremiah White III

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International Athlete, Strategist, Innovator, Mentor and Entrepreneur
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Elkins Park, PA 19027
United States
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International athlete, strategist, innovator, mentor and entrepreneur, Jeremiah J. White III is a highly sought after global business developer, data driven market- ing expert, and relations specialist. His diverse clientele ranges from healthcare providers, education firms, and non-profits to tourism and entertainment agencies. His broad range of expertise, experience and confident disposition have added to his success as a business owner. Known for his creative ability and technical expertise; Jeremiah’s strong business acumen derives from a professional background that includes athletics, technology, globalization, marketing and strategic planning. His aptitude in foreign relations and linguistics have opened the doors for international business opportunities in Liberia, Ghana, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the UK. Jeremiah is also respon- sible for connecting American businesses with companies abroad to diversify their portfolios.


Athlete & Mentor

Born and raised in Washington DC, he began playing soccer at the tender age of six. He was a high school All American at The Haverford School in Pennsylvania and attended Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina where he earned All American honors in 2001-2003 and ACC Player of the Year during his final year of school. Recognized for his speed and agility, Jeremiah’s transition from collegiate play to the professional ranks awarded him the opportunity to play soccer internationally. He played in Serbia, Greece, France, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia and nationally with the New England Revolution in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as with the USA Men’s National Team in Los Angeles, California. During his time abroad, Jeremiah earned a coveted Nike sponsorship, where he also served as a spokesperson for the international brand. After a professional career that spanned nine years, Jeremiah now finds time to give back to future professional soccer players by coaching and mentoring young athletes. He not only works with them on leadership skills and technique development, but also offers marketing and recruitment support for youth who are interested in playing on the collegiate level.  


Entrepreneur & Strategist

Jeremiah was the CEO of JaySocial, a graphic design and development company that customizes web and mobile platforms. JaySocial helps businesses and non profit organizations grow by using their client data more effectively. Their platforms gather and organize data, improve processes, and extract monetary value from web and mobile based social activity. JaySocial turns raw data into actionable information. Organizations need effective platforms that allow them to interact with their target audience. What sets JaySocial apart is their passion for creating engaging user experiences and unique interfaces. Jeremiah’s keen ability to identify and to prioritize his client’s needs, to offer direction and aid through state of the art designs, and to develop market oriented strategies and software applications distinguishes JaySocial from ordinary competitors. Jeremiah remains active in global athletics as the developer of a versatile platform he designed, aptly named, The Academy Portal. This web and mobile platform currently connects soccer academies, players and coaches from around the world, but is fully scalable to include a wide range of other sports and academic activities. The Hong Kong based program is scheduled to expand throughout Europe and Asia with launches planned in Thailand, Sweden, China, Singapore and Japan. 


Apart from JaySocial, Jeremiah is also the Principal Owner of White Sport Ventures, Co-Founder & CIO of Blacknode Consulting, Principal & CIO of Accra Capital Partners.



Jeremiah is also the Owner and Operator of Datorem, an innovative company that provides individuals the opportunity to financially support their favorite non-profit organizations from smartphone devices. The suite of user-friendly product applications promote philanthropy and provide organizations unique outreach and fundraising options for their respective charitable causes. Jeremiah has also created a mobile application that helps churches and other faith-based organizations accept tithes and share information through the use of mobile applications. In 2012, Jeremiah became the co-owner and CEO of Swifty Snap; patented revolutionary products that ease the diaper changing process for children and the invalid. Swifty Snap products offer a healthy, safe and convenient diaper changing experience without the need for traditional changing surfaces. In 2013, Jeremiah became co-founder of Gift Locker. GiftLocker is a consumer driven e-commerce service, providing the first-ever, instantaneous virtual item exchange system.



Jeremiah’s commitment to the educational communities affords him the opportunity to serve as a Mentor at Elkins Park School (Cheltenham School District), Leadership Council at The Haverford School, and Board Member at iPraxis where he also serves as Head of the Marketing Committee. Jeremiah teaches a course in technology at the Birney Preparatory Academy in Philadelphia PA. Jeremiah was selected to be a speaker for the US State Departments IIP (Bureau of International Informations Programs). The bureau is the State Department’s foreign-facing public diplomacy communications bureau. It provides and supports the places, content, and infrastructure needed for sustained conversations with foreign audiences to build America’s reputation abroad. Jeremiah earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Wake Forest University in 2004. He lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and three children.