Kathleen Holtzer

Contact Information
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Present Employment/Part Time:

Standardized/Simulated Teaching Patient at Jefferson Medical and Nursing School; Drexel Nursing and Phila College Osteopathic Medicine

Relocation Specialist Consultant

Contractor - Medical Actor for Clinical Simulation

    Drexel Nursing School - Philadelphia, PA

    Jefferson Medical School - Philadelphia, PA


Present Volunteer:

    Ambassador - Union League of Philadelphia


Past Volunteer:

    LaSalle University Nonprofit Center - Consultant

    St. Christopher Hospital - IRB Board Member

    ALS Foundation

    Reader for the Blind


Work Career:

    1989-2004 Professional Meetings International, Inc.

    Founding Partner - 15 years focused on Pharmaceutical Industry

    Meeting Management for Clinical Trials, Symposia, Conferences

    1974-1989 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company

    15 year career - within Corporate Environment



    Attended University of Pennsylvania Wharton School



    Worldwide Affairs, Drama, Bridge, Genealogy, Ballroom Dancing and Skiing