Marla McDermott

Contact Information

Event Producer, Retreat Designer, Life Coach and Positive Mindset Mentor at Marla McDermott, Inc.

Prior starting her own business, Marla McDermott is the Director of City Integration with I Heart PHL. She helps new residents navigate the challenges they face upon arriving in Philadelphia, orients them to the City’s offerings then helps them integrate seamlessly into daily life through highly customized services.

Marla formed I Heart PHL out of a desire to not only help newcomers get acquainted with Philadelphia but to also provide a sense of community, and a tailored service connecting individuals to resources with their specific needs in mind. She is a lifelong Philadelphian, Master Connector, Community Builder and an expert on the city that raised her.

An avid traveler and foodie, Marla has backpacked around the world solo, exploring different cultures one meal at a time. She understands, first hand, what it is like to be an outsider in a new city and the magic that happens when a local introduces you to its hidden gems. Her journeys have lead her to her life’s purpose, which is to combine her love of Philadelphia, fascination with other cultures and passion for helping people.