Thomas Humphries, MD, FACP

Contact Information

Following internal medicine and gastroenterology training in Philadelphia under Dr Donald Castell at the Philadelphia Naval Regional Medical Center, and Board Certification in both, I practiced academic gastroenterology for several years and then was in private practice in Massachusetts for 3 years.Driven by a desire to return to clinical research, I began my 36 year career in Pharma and Biotech at SKF. Positions at Merck, PharmaKinetics, CSRI (personal start-up CRO), Pharmaco LSR, Applied Bioscience International, Eisai, Ferring, private consulting, Berlex and Bayer followed. I served 26 years in the Navy and Air Force and retired as a Colonel, MC (Senior Flight Surgeon) from the Air Force.

Strengths include managing development programs in gastroenterology, renal disease, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and hemophilia including the planning, writing, submission and defense of 24 international regulatory submissions. Additional strengths include a strong desire to succeed, to develop people as the number one resource, team building, oral and written communication skills, attention to detail and efficiency, the need to develop a strong SOV strategy and publish all results. I thrive on challenge. Coordinated Clinical Development Planning (CDP) which includes doing tasks in parallel as opposed to the time-consuming sequential approach has been a leading goal of mine.

I have been privileged to lead successful development teams for Tagamet, Pepcid, Prilosec, Aciphex/Pariet and Kovaltry, and to launch successful teams for OTC Tagamet and Pepcid. My recent work has been in hemophilia, participating in FVIII life cycle management (5 active INDs) and as an active member of several new FVIII and FVII global project teams. Now retired, I plan to continue working with, and give back to, the bleeding disorder community. My recent appointment to the Board of Directors of the National Hemophilia Foundation will support my efforts. I have also been appointed to the Board of NeuroTez, Inc, assisting in the development of Alzheimers' treatments.

My goal is to continue to teach pharma and biotech professionals how to succeed and achieve the personal satisfaction I have had in planning and conducting successful, on-time, and on-budget global development programs, including subsequent life cycle management of approved therapeutics.