Will Becker

Contact Information
GP17 Project Coordinator and GPA Writer

Marketing Coordinator at The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

Will Becker is a graduate of University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland, majoring in International Relations. In the past he has interned with organizations such as the Consular Corps Association of Philadelphia and World Policy Journal in New York. He has a passion for International Relations, Politics, Human Rights, and Social Justice. He joined the team to help launch GlobalPhilly 2017. As GlobalPhilly 17 Coordinator Will worked to ensure that all of the diverse and international activity that occurs in Philadelphia gets his proper recognition. After working with GPA, Will currently works as the Marketing Coordinator at The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.

Articles: Walking through Philadelphia's Magic Gardens; Global Conversation with Blanka Zizka; Philadelphia International Cricket Festival; World Heritage Day 2017 at Tilden Middle School; Member Spotlight: Studio Incamminati; Big Bling