Behind the inspiring organizations, dynamic businesses, compelling events, intriguing communities, and notable news items that help make Philadelphia global, are individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and commitment.  Meet the scholars, researchers, students, diplomats, curators, artists, linguists, educators, attorneys, financiers, transportation experts, scientists, administrators and others who contribute so much to the globalism of the region.  (GPA members appear at the beginning of the list, followed by non-members in alphabetical order.)

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Foreign Affairs Columnist, The Philadelphia Inquirer
President and CEO at The Field Museum
Tyler Sprague is with Global Philadelphia in a Spring/Summer Co-op position. Tyler is in his senior year at Drexel University; where he is studying Political Science. Tyler is passionate about international diplomacy and intercultural exchange. In his free time, Tyler could be seen relaxing in Rittenhouse Park, riding his bicycle on the Schuykill River Trail, or just enjoying the scenery of the Old City neighborhood. Once his time with Global Philadelphia commences, Tyler will study abroad in Hong Kong.
Communications and Fundraising Consultant, Squires Consulting
Principal at CultureSnap Consulting LLC; Executive Director at Global Water Alliance
CEO of Classic Car Storage, LLC
Founder of Tiagha and Associates, Ltd. Principal of The ITEM Ventures, Ltd. 
EstudiaChile is dedicated to promoting intercultural understanding and friendship between the Chile and the United States. Our mission is to use higher education as a vehicle for these values.
President of National Aeronautic Space Training and Research Center (NASTAR) Foundation
Dana Wiley was project manager of Global Philadelphia's biennial international exposition featuring 200+ events over 60 days, Sept. 15 through Nov. 15, 2015, which will show the World what a global region Philadelphia really is.