Embracing Diverse Heritages: "The General von Steuben Statue: Interpreting LGBTQ+ Histories of the Revolution"

Curious about learning more about Valley Forge National Historic Park and an untold story of American heritage? The National Park Service has compiled a fascinating history that dives deep into a different perspective of the American revolution. Described as the "gay man who saved the revolution," General von Steuben's legacy lives on in both American history and popular culture.

Using a question and answer style of narrative, experts on the revolution's LGBTQ+'s weigh in an subjects that have struggled to infiltrate maintream media channels, but are nevertheless an integral part of our collective history as a nation. Using nearly forty different topics as a canvas for discussion, as well as a can't-miss sixteen minute video that can be viewed below, the National Park Service's efforts to explore all angles of history are to be applauded and studied by all. 

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Photo credit: archives.gov