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About the Global Philadelphia Association

The Global Philadelphia Association is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting Philadelphia as an influential World Heritage City and as a vital, diverse center for global affairs. The city’s location, rich history, and vibrant immigrant communities stir a unique passion for global connection.

For over a decade, we have helped those who think globally create valuable benefits -- economic and cultural -- for the Greater Philadelphia region.

Our Mission

  • To assist - and to encourage greater interaction among - the many organizations and people who are engaged in one form or another of international activity within the Greater Philadelphia Region

  • To promote the development of an international consciousness within the Region

  • To enhance the Region’s global profile

Our Vision and Values

In 2015, GPA helped secure Philadelphia’s selection as America’s first World Heritage City. The four pillars of the World Heritage City Project continue to guide our vision for Greater Philadelphia:

  • Preserve and Celebrate Philadelphia’s Historical and Cultural Assets

  • Build World Heritage City Awareness and Ownership

  • Educate Global Kids with Roots

  • Extend Philadelphia’s Global Reach

We are focused on positioning Philadelphia as an international center and opinion leader, drawing new visitors and providing opportunities for Philadelphians to build global connections.

How We Work

Since 2010, GPA and its members have worked with local and international partners to create remarkable programs and establish a collaborative community.  

Learn More About Our Team

Our team at Global Philadelphia Association is a dynamic group of young and diverse professionals committed to making a positive impact on a global scale. Based in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, we come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a range of skills to the table. Whether we're collaborating on new initiatives or working tirelessly to execute existing programs, we are driven by a shared passion for making a difference. We are proud to be part of such a dedicated team and look forward to continuing our work towards a more global city. 

Carl Stevens, CFO
Sylta Cubranich, Office Manager
Jessica Barber, Communications Coordinator 
Andrew Beers, Social Media Specialist and Emerging International Journalists Program Coordinator
Samuel Finian Martel, SDG Coordinator
Akansha Chauhan, Events Coordinator
Gary Wooten, Programming Coordinator


GPA works with our city government and the Organization of World Heritage Cities to manage Philadelphia’s designation as America’s first World Heritage City. The title is a boon for trade, cultural exchange, and tourism, propelling many international and local partnerships.

“World Heritage City status brings Philadelphia massive attention … and ultimately leads to more jobs in the city.”

– Harold T. Epps, Commerce Director, City of Philadelphia




Our prestigious Globy Awards recognize outstanding individuals in business, heritage, education, and journalism. Recipients of the distinctive award include journalists Ali Velshi, Andrea Mitchell, Michael Smerconish, Jake Tapper, and local leaders like Philabundance CEO Lorre Jones and Community College of Philadelphia President Dr. Donald Guy Generals.


There is nothing but great opportunity in front of us in Philadelphia and I thank GPA for the work they have done to bring us to this day…

 - 2022 Globy Awardee Ali Velshi, MSNBC






The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 essential building blocks, are an urgent call to action

and a benchmark for progress.

Our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) mural project includes 17 compelling educational murals created by talented local artists and grants for related nonprofit and academic work.

“We’re really making an effort to make the (SDG) cubes come alive so that people can actually see that when you embrace a sustainable development goal, you can have a transformative effect on your institution, people, and that society.”

- David Steingard, Saint Joseph’s University






Through our learnphillyheritage.org site, we provide extensive curriculum and teacher support for Philadelphia K-12 schools. We have produced coloring books, detailed lesson plans, and video learning. GPA also publishes a newsletter filled with heritage activities for teachers.

“As an educator, I feel empowered by the LearnPhillyHeritage.org website to be better able to share this amazing city and its unique and diverse cultural heritage.”

- Linda Grimwade, Philadelphia educator and volunteer at Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians




GPA’s search-engine-indexed website, deep social media presence, and array of focused newsletters serve our members and local communities, promoting vital programs and events.

By providing valuable and timely content, our reach grows substantially each year.




Our staff creates thousands of social media posts and email blasts, as well as in-depth articles and videos, reaching thousands of people across the globe.




Young reporters can get their first experience through GPA’s Emerging International Journalist program. Creating valuable content about global issues and programs in Greater Philadelphia has been a path to careers in journalism and elsewhere for several alums.


“Global Philadelphia's Emerging International Journalist Program assisted me with the necessary skills that I needed to lay the foundation for my career as a young journalist.”

- Peak Johnson, Former EIJP Editor




Membership is open to all organizations, businesses, professional associations, governmental and public bodies, academic institutions, diplomatic personnel, media, and labor unions, and individuals who are in agreement with the Association’s purposes.


Since the time of its founding, the Association’s membership has more than doubled and new members are being welcomed on an ongoing basis. 

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