Behind the inspiring organizations, dynamic businesses, compelling events, intriguing communities, and notable news items that help make Philadelphia global, are individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and commitment.  Meet the scholars, researchers, students, diplomats, curators, artists, linguists, educators, attorneys, financiers, transportation experts, scientists, administrators and others who contribute so much to the globalism of the region.  (GPA members appear at the beginning of the list, followed by non-members in alphabetical order.)

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Working with individuals and organizations to enhance intercultural competence, cultural adjustment, repatriation, global team efficiency, intercultural management skills, and maximize the positive impact of diversity and inclusion.
Owner, Law Office of Enid H. Adler
Managing Partner - Law Office of Michael E. Adler
Pennsylvania Director, Coalition for Peace Action
The Altieri laboratory explores the mechanisms that underlie how tumor cells survive and proliferate in cancer. In particular, his laboratory is interested in how tumor cells evade the normal processes that cause cells with genetic faults to self-destruct. Understanding these mechanisms could provide new therapeutic targets and novel approaches for virtually every type of human cancer.  
Principal Consultant / Executive Coach - Alt Consulting Services, LLC.
General Counsel and Co-Founder, International Recoveries, LLC
Partner, Blank Rome LLP
CEO of the San Francisco Parks Alliance
Customer Service Representative - City Fitness
We inhabit a constantly changing world. From the exploding digital revolution in communications to the ebb and flow of transnational business, rapid and sometimes historic change is taking place on our planet. In this volatile environment, we may forget that many of the earth’s populations are dealing with these dizzying changes while still competing for clean water, arable land and basic health care.
Global Engagement Office - West Chester University of Pennsylvania
David B. Brownlee, Ph.D., FSAH, is the Frances Shapiro-Weitzenhoffer Professor Emeritus of the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania.
Furthering education in the Greater Philadelphia Area as an Associate Professor of English at the Community College of Philadelphia, Linda Buchheit is a global citizen who has joined Global Philadelphia Association as an individual member.
Rochelle (“Chellie”) L. Cameron is the current President & CEO of The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.
Assistant Vice President, Citizens Bank
Chief Executive Officer and Owner, BCK Global, LLC
Executive Director, Alliance Française de Philadelphie