2015 Global Ideas Summit and First Annual Globy Awards

This is a great opportunity to meet and connect with the movers and shakers of the International ecosystem of Philadelphia region and share your ideas of how to address major issues and decisions facing the region as it becomes more globally recognized.

The Breakout sessions cover 6 opportunities or challenges of international importance, an exercise that has come to be known as the “Global Ideas Summit”. This was highly popular when we ran it the previous years.

The Annual Globy Awards have been those who helped to enhance the global profile of the Philadelphia Region.

Open to all global-minded people in PHL (civic leaders, international business, global non-profits)

Lifetime Achievement Award, Nancy Gilboy, CDI
Corporate Leadership Award, Javier “Jay” Dragone, Lockeed Martin



Community Leadership Award, Blane Fitzgerald Stoddart, BFW Group
Education Leadership Award, Anastasia Shown, UPenn



Pictures from 2015 are here!