SDG #9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure





SDG #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure is part of the Prosperity group of SDG Goals

The Art

Artist John Laidacker will create the mural for SDG #9, which will be installed at the Masonic Temple, 1 N. Broad St.

Laidacker, a Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts graduate, began painting large-scale outdoor and indoor public art in 2005. His murals and other works are large-scale realistic or trompe l’oeil paintings that feature figures and include still life and landscape elements.


Local Impact

Each mural project contains a grant awarded to a deserving organization doing related work.

The selection process is underway for the grantee for SDG #9, funded by the Free and Accepted Masons of Philadelphia.


Global Context

The manufacturing industry's recovery from COVID-19 is uneven, with high-income regions achieving record-high manufacturing value added per capita in 2022, while levels in LDCs remained close to the 2015 baseline. Higher-technology industries recovered faster and proved more resilient, emphasizing the need to promote innovation and technology transfer for all countries.
Achieving Goal 9 by 2030 requires support for LDCs, investments in advanced technologies, lowering carbon emissions, and increasing global mobile broadband access. While progress has been made in certain areas, challenges persist, particularly in achieving carbon emission targets and closing the mobile broadband coverage gap, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and LDCs.

Thanks To

GPA is grateful for the involvement of sponsor the University Lodge No. 51, Free and Accepted Masons of Philadelphia and the artist John Laidacker. 


Location of the painting: Masonic Temple Philadelphia (1 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107)