GPA Education Initiatives



A significant part of GPA’s mission is to educate and acculturate Philadelphians on many levels.

Our promotion of Philadelphia’s heritage and status as a global city isn’t just aimed at adults. We also provide learning experiences for students ages preschool to K-12 and college. 

GPA's education initiatives include partnerships with local universities, bi-monthly education newsletters, an active Education Advisory Committee, lesson plans for students and teachers , a World Heritage coloring book, Sustainable Development promotion, and so much more!


Setting The Course 

The GPA Educational Advisory Board members come from diverse backgrounds in schools, museums, government, and community organizations. They guide GPA’s efforts to provide quality educational experiences that reach and respect all the communities of Greater Philadelphia. 

Of course, it’s essential to always have a classroom teacher on the board because one of GPA’s most vital roles is supporting teachers in Philadelphia schools. 

Meet the members of the Advisory Board. 


Teachers Need Solid Content -- And Plenty Of It 

Imagine having to capture the imagination of children every day. It’s not easy. But working together with Philadelphia’s teachers, we have produced an enormous slate of local heritage and global lesson plans. Each plan is pegged to state requirements and is vetted by education professionals. 

But our teachers still need more, as the highly engaged audience for GPA’s popular newsletter for teachers lets us know. The newsletter provides fresh ideas for classroom interactions and projects throughout the school calendar. 

Learn more. 

Learn Philly Heritage Online 

GPA has curated a vast collection of resources at our revamped site. We recently optimized the site to increase accessibility and ease of use, leading to a substantial uptick in views. 

Teachers and students are the site’s primary audience, and it’s a timely resource for school projects. What can teachers and students find at the site? A deep pool of resources for topics like the founding of Philadelphia, African American history, and the many global cultures that influence the region’s past and present.

Visit the Learn Philly Heritage website. 


Starting Early 

Appreciating local heritage is a lifelong journey that begins in early childhood. Young children can take their first steps with the World Heritage Coloring Book, available in English, Spanish, and Japanese. 

GPA has also produced a series of online events called World Heritage Storytime. The events feature children's book authors, museum guides, and other experts teaching about events and people that impact our city’s heritage. 

Learn more. 


College Connections 

GPA also works closely and relies on positive relationships with 14 local universities committed to World Heritage. The bonds form benefit both parties and help launch successful careers for the many students who intern or work at GPA. 

Local universities like Temple, UPenn, Villanova, Saint Joseph's, and Drexel have generously supported GPA programming and provided event space. Beyond that, our interns and many staff members come from these great institutions. Many regard their GPA experience as a perfect add-on to their college experience, helping them develop real-world communication and work skills. 

The “Eds” of the “Eds and Meds” sector are also essential participants in GPA projects. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) mural series is a good example. Universities been both active sponsors and hosts for murals in addition to helping find taleneted local artists and community grantees. 

GPA Member Universities:

  • Drexel University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Temple University
  • Saint Joseph's University
  • Widener University
  • Neumann University
  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • Villanova University


Global education is a priority in many countries. Their initiatives tend to converge on a few fundamental orientations. Several view the world as one system—human life as shaped by a history of global interdependence. Others highlight a commitment to the idea that there are basic human rights, including social and economic equality as well as basic freedoms. Most emphasize a commitment to cultural diversity and the importance of intercultural understanding and acceptance of differences of opinion and a few point to environmental awareness and planetary sustainability.

We want each Philadelphian to be a global citizen who feels comfortable in any situation they are presented with, regardless of where they may be. If we are doing our jobs correctly, our students will learn the skills they need to be successful in college and in their careers. By forming better global citizens, we are trying to create a ripple effect to benefit others outside of our Philadelphia school walls.

The Greater Philadelphia Region has much to offer in the area of K-12 education and boasts a wide range of universities and colleges. Check out the following list of internationally-focused schools in our region.

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K-12 international schools


International colleges and university programs

  • Berlitz Philadelphia Learning Center, Philadelphia (French, Italian, Spanish, German, ESL, and more)
    Programs for adults and children as well as for government employees, executives and other busy professionals in insurance and finance, life sciences, telecommunications and other industries. We also offer language assessment and testing services.

  • Lingual Institute, Philadelphia, PA (Over 50 languages offered)
    Private, semi-private, or group classes; also has a Corporate Executive Program for businesses with international reach.
  • The Philadelphia School of Languages, Philadelphia (Spanish classes, ESL classes, and more)
    Offers English and foreign languages classes, as well as professional translation services, tutoring, and guidance
  • Spanish Language School, Philadelphia (Spanish)
    Group, private, or semi-private classes
  • UPENN College of Liberal and Professional Studies Post-Baccalaureate Studies, Philadelphia (Multiple languages offered)
    For those who already have a Bachelor degree


International continuing education programs

The German Society of Pennsylvania, evening adult classes, Philadelphia (German)