Author, Beyond the Cold: An American's Warm Portrait of Norway

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At age 11, Michael spent a year in Norway with his family. He attended a Norwegian school and began his immersion into Norwegian culture, mainly through the new sports introduced to him. He would not return for 16 years and through that and subsequent visits he developed an appreciation for the country, people and culture, although he is not of Norwegian descent. He is reunited with friends and gains new experiences.

Among those trips was attending the International Summer School at the University of Oslo in 1992 with 500 students from 70 countries. Ten nations were represented in his Norwegian Language class. Follow his award-winning four-decade story, attending the Holmenkollen Ski Jumping and world speed skating championships and the reindeer sled ride as a child, his travels to Bergen and above the Arctic Circle as an adult, and meet the special, warm people -- his Norwegian family -- that make Norway more than a cold country, and how these experiences helped shape the person he has become.

“It is always enjoyable to read a foreigner’s experiences visiting Norway. It is, however, not often that such new books are published. Beyond the Cold tells about the author’s many encounters with Norway from when he was here the first time and went to a Norwegian school in 1969. Since, he has visited many parts of the country at different times of the year. He tells with warmth and enjoyment about his encounters with Norwegians, our customs and Norwegian nature. This is not a guidebook, but a personal portrait of a country.”
Norway's largest outdoor magazine

"A great book to give and get."
Norwegian American Weekly

“If I had known this book was so realistic, I would have wore my parka, snow boots, ear muffs and put in for a two-week vacation from work. I anticipated picking this book up again and again. Getting a nice hot cup of tea and letting Michael take me along with him to Norway, the Arctic Circle, through the mountains and on his train rides brought a whole new meaning to “Beyond the Cold” as just being the title of the book. I mean I was actually with him and seeing Northern lights, day and night at the same time and meeting some of the warmest people I've ever met. I would often stop reading, close my eyes, and be right there.” Read It! Experience the warm feelings of (one of) the coldest parts of the world...”
Tina Harris, Philadelphia

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