BCK Global, LLC


1617 JFK Blvd. Suite 555
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Blandine Chantepie-Kari
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(215) 764-6400
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As a business matchmaker, bck global provides expertise and guidance to help you achieve your sought after local and international growth.

We strongly believe in the sustainability of your long term success through building a foundation of business partners who share your core values. bck global will source and cultivate these strategic partnerships, distributors and clients in your target markets.

Like a good neighbor bck global will help your transition into the neighborhood. Through welcoming you to the community, taking the time to understand your interests, and introducing you to the most valuable contacts. bck global will maximize your time, and help you accomplish your objectives.

We develop the network of business partners to ensure your success in new markets.

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Professional Services