Brother 2 (Брат 2) Discussion with Mikhail Kozyrev

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School of Communications, 3620 Walnut Street, Room 111
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States

In this lecture, Mr. Kozyrev will tell his story of his work on the soundtrack of “Brat-2” accompanied by selected scenes from the film.

“Brat-2” is the sequel to the wildly successful “Brat”, a film about Danila, a man trying to survive St. Petersburg. In the sequel, “Brat-2”, Danila goes to the USA in search of justice. But it turns out that America is not as perfect as it may seem from afar. Racism, crime, and corruption exist in New York and Chicago just as well as in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In his quest against the “mafia” on both sides of the ocean, Danila is absolutely sure about what is good and what is evil. His main wisdom is: “Power comes with The Truth”.

“Brat-2” was an immediate success upon release, with millions of VHS tapes sold and many CDs of the soundtrack sold. The legacy of “Brat-2” is still very controversial. As time goes by, there are more and more people citing it as “one of the main movies of their lives”; and there are lots of other voices accusing this film in forming a backbone of toxic Russian mentality of a new millennium. A new cold war with America, the blind belief of “ethnic superiority” above immigrants, even military conflict with Ukraine, - critics of “Brat-2” find the roots of all of this in the movie.

Mr. Kozyrev will answer all questions and let the audience make up their mind on that question. Mikhail Kozyrev is a Russian journalist, music critic, producer on "Radio Maximum", "Nashe Radio", and "Radio Ultra" radio stations as well as TV Rain.

Free admission. No registration required. All are welcome.

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