Chantal Westby

Contact Information

Chantal Westby was educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts located here in Philadelphia, PA. Born in France, she also earned a master’s degree from Parisian institution Haute Couture. Currently Ms. Westby resides near Philadelphia, over the last 18 years she has placed many of her great large canvas works upon the walls of her own chateau. The time has come to make some space for new beginnings and more masterpieces. We would like to show you her finest works and interested buyers, collectors, curators, and all walks of art life are invited to visit, to learn more and own a large original canvas or mixed media acrylic work of art perfected and inspired by the Ms. Westby herself. From her collection 2.5 ft. x 3 ft. (40"x60") The sun beams behind a water berated copper statue of Lady Liberty exposed as if unwrapping the greenish-grey outer layer unravels before you, and literally out of its frame. Look closely at the 3D depiction of Freedom, you might read text from the Declaration of Independence followed by the Bill of Rights that was hidden beneath the unraveled cloak, a mirage in colossal neoclassical structure.