Ellen Firestone

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Chief Operating & Service Officer
Simon Eye Associates
5301 Limestone Rd Suite 128
Wilmington, DE 19808
United States
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Ellen Firestone is the founder Firestone, LLC. Ellen is also an International Human Rights Ambassador with United for Human Rights and serves on the National Council of the United Nations Association of the United States of America, Board Member of UNA-GP and is on the Advisory Board for Global Education Motivators (GEM) out of Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia.  

Prior founding Firestone, LLC, Ellen Firestone was appointed as the Chief Operating & Service Officer for Simon Eye Associates, the largest independent eye care provider in Delaware in 2013 and stepped down in 2021. 

You can check out her human rights podcast series at: https://mix995wjbr.com/shows/know-your-30-human-rights-with-ellen-firestone/

To reach her regarding Human Rights education, email: HumanRightsE2A@gmail.com