Follow US!: Social Media and GPA

Amber Mackay for GPA Advertisements, media coverage and promotions - three of Global Philadelphia’s finest skills. Since the Association’s inception, a Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram account have been created to manage the multitude of events and news of our members. 

The general Facebook page for Global Philadelphia Association briefs followers on the latest buzz around the city and world. Meanwhile, the GlobalPhilly 2015 Facebook page, likewise, summarizes for subscribers international news and member events. Arguably our most used forum, The Global Philadelphia Association twitter account updates followers on the latest Philadelphia and GPA headlines. Finally through partnerships with community photographers to bring to our 1,186 followers beautiful images of the city, our Instagram page too, promotes Philadelphia as a global city. 

With all of the social media the Global Philadelphia team is already involved in, we are proud to introduce yet another media outlet to further promote the association and member events. The GlobalPhilly Blog, was created solely for the purpose of telling insider stories about the international expo, GlobalPhilly 2015. As of right now, the blog informs its readers of the preparation that is being put in to make this exposition a large success. As the opening ceremony creeps up however, the blog will transition into covering insider stories of the GlobalPhilly 2015 events. 

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