The Association of International Educators Convenes in Philadelphia This Year

Written by Erin Yoder on behalf of Global Philadelphia Association

This year marks the 70th annual NAFSA conference and expo that starts at the end of May. Philadelphia is proud as a World Heritage city to host this year’s conference, where culture and education collide to create an intellectual space of learning.

The theme, “Diverse Voices, Shared Commitment,” focuses on how international education is evolving in a world full of shifting economic and political policies. NAFSA is passionate about providing a platform for all voices to be heard in order to help society understand the importance of having a diverse education through international experiences.

Keynote speakers, including former first lady Laura W. Bush, famous scientist and inventor Bill Nye, and renowned radio host Terry Gross, will stress different aspects of education and how they contribute to a more informed world. In addition to these speakers, the conference will also provide numerous workshops concentrating on education abroad and advising international students on their next steps.

Having an internationally established organization such as NAFSA come to Philadelphia provides not only an incredible opportunity for the city but also for its citizens. This conference will bring people from all over the world to the city of brotherly love and it will be a chance for the city to show how much it cares about international relations and allow it to grow as a global community. However, this conference does not just affect the city but its citizens as well.

People living inside and outside of the city will have the opportunity to engage with the world. They will be able to discuss the future of education in their community with other skilled professionals and will have access to international perspectives. It is an invaluable meeting that will help educators and students alike learn from other educators from around the globe.

The conference will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center from May 27 to June 2. Early bird registration is open until April 13th where attendees can register for the entire expo or pick and choose specific sessions they wish to attend. Some sessions, however, are not included with the package and require an additional fee in order to attend them.

Click here for more information and to register for the conference.