Virgin Creates "Greenman" Ad to Honor Its Arrival in Philadelphia

From The Wrap -- Greenman, the green-Lycra-ed It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia character, is appearing in a new ad for Virgin America as the airline announces new nonstop flights to Philadelphia from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Greenman is the alter ego of "Sunny" character Charlie Kelly, played by Charlie Day. He has become a popular Halloween costume and a fixture at sporting events.

In the ad -- which was originally posted on the Virgin's Facebook page -- Greenman dances his way across a tarmac, while holding up signs proclaiming "Philly or Bust."

The airline, which begins the new Philly flights on April 4, is also offering flyers a chance to win an "Always Sunny" fan pack, which includes two roundtrip tickets, "Sunny" DVDs, a Paddy's Pub t-shirt, the official "Sunny" board game and a guide to the characters' favorite Philly haunts.