Dialogue Institute


Temple University (062-56)
1700 N. Broad Street, Suite 315 Philadelphia, PA 19121-0843
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Dr. David M. Krueger
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(215) 204-7525
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The Dialogue Institute (DI), based at Temple University, works to transform the world into a global community by fostering interreligious and intercultural scholarship, understanding and cooperation. A nonprofit organization founded in 1978, the DI trains religious, civic and academic leaders in practicing the skills of respectful dialogue and critical thinking, building and sustaining transformative relationships across lines of religion and culture. It provides resources and creates networks for intra- and interreligious scholarship and action that value difference and foster human dignity.

Established in 1964, the peer-reviewed Journal of Ecumenical Studies (JES) advances critical awareness of the latest directions in ecumenical and interreligious research.

Goals of the DI/JES:

  • Mentor emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs
  • Engage in dialogue with clergy, educators, professionals and others who shape culture
  • Create and sustain partnerships to develop programs and resources
  • Reduce prejudice and intolerance
  • Explore a standard of global ethics
  • Advance religious freedom and appreciation of difference
  • Promote ecumenical and interreligious scholarship in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies