Schoerke Foundation

P.O. Box 214
Westtown, PA 19395
Contact Phone Number: 
(484) 883 - 9590
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The Schoerke Foundation is a non-profit organizatoin that supports Heritage Academy, a progressive Ghanaian school that believes that every child, irrespective of where they live, deserves an education that prepares them to make positive contributions to their communities. 

The Schoerke Foundation was founded to:

  • Award scholarships to students to attend Heritage Academy, and other progressive and successful schools
  • Fund a summer school operated by Heritage primarily for local public school students
  • Provide scholarships to deserving Heritage graduates to attend secondary school
  • Raise capital support for needed infrastructure, like buildings and buses
  • Offer grants to American students to travel to Ghana to teach, experience the culture and help others.

The Foundation’s longer term vision is to help spread the best educational practices and success of the Heritage Academy to other schools in Ghana. However, our primary focus for the foreseeable future is to help Heritage continue to improve and expand its programs, stabilize financially, and eventually achieve self-sufficiency.