The Regenerative NEXUS

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Philadelphia, PA
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Max Zahniser
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It is estimated that there are now between 250,000 and 500,000* environmental and social justice organizations throughout the world today. While this organizational explosion is an encouraging indication that there is demand for justice, consumer awareness is increasing, and responsible business is profitable, the emerging (r)evolution comes with a great deal of redundancy, confusion, and unnecessary competition.


Nexus aims to connect these dots – virtually AND physically bringing together organizations, and current & future pioneers and leaders from across the movement. The main hub for NEXUS's energy is the coworking space. But like an actual keystone, which is part of the overall arch, our coworking space is part of a larger system of foundational tools and networks. Through workspaces, resource centers, web functionality, educational events, program and organization inventories, arranged collaborations, and the gathering of members of currently unconnected subgroups within the overall social and environmental movement, Sustainability NEXUS is facilitating the next level of symbiosis and acceleration towards a truly sustainable future.