Philadelphia Attorney Dick Atkins is a Resource At Home and Abroad


Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz, for GPA -- National Geographic Adventure Magazine once referred to Mr. Atkins as the "Houdini of fast escapes from international prisons.” Recently, the Travel4Health online community recognized Mr. Atkins' achievements in an article discussing the services and expertise he provides.

This article, penned by Ilene Little in January 2011, notes that Mr. Atkins has been bailing out North Americans and North American Corporations abroad for over thirty years, in both criminal and civil cases. Attorney Atkins is well aware of nuances in international law, and he works hard to make sure his clients are able to serve what jail time they are required to serve in their home country, where they know the language and "can be reintegrated into society once they have served their sentence."

For more on Attorney Atkins' areas of expertise and his reputation for serving clients in need, read the entirety of Ms. Little's article here.